• SCK-300P + Vacuum Chuck, Digital Spin Coater Kit (500 - 8,000 rpm)

Simplifying the Research and Learning Process


What’s New?

01/03/2018 — Testing of the next generation SCK-300 and SCK-300P spin coaters is now complete. Shipments will begin early February at the same price point of the previous models. 

12/04/2017 — Design for the next generation Spin (SCK-300) and new Dip Coater (DCK-300) are nearing completion.  These units will improve upon the current models, while adding features such as closed-loop control and PC connectivity. We expect these units to start shipping early 2018 at the same or similar price point. 

08/18/2017 — PRICE DROP!!! New design and controller means we can now sell the SCK-200 for $445 (vs $495) and SCK-200P for $555 (vs $655). 


Our Business

At Instras, we take a task-oriented approach to both software and hardware development for the scientific market. We deliver custom solutions targeted at our clients needs.

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Our Products

SCK-300/SCK-300P Spin Coater Kits

  • Low Cost
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Closed-Loop Digital Control
  • Simple/Modular Design

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Our Staff

We deliver solutions in the areas of low-cost spin coater kits (SCK-300), and soon dip coater kits as well.

If you are looking for solutions in any of the above areas, feel free to contact us.

Nathan Stevens, PhD., President of Instras Scientific.
Diana Samaroo, Scientific Consultant
Naphtali O’Connor, Scientific Consultant

Instras Scientific LLC info@instras.com

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