Introducing our new, low-cost, digital motor controller that addresses many of limitations of controller currently in the market.  Our approach was to produce a controller that combines a versatile design, built around an industry standard 32 bit programmable microcontroller (STM32 ARM Cortex MCU).  This approach allows for following innovations:

  • Clean and versatile component layout, including a full-color 2.4” LCD, makes it well suited for integration into various projects.

  • Ability to control Brushed, Brushless, and Stepper Motors by interfacing with the appropriate motor controller.

  • Various connectivity options (IR Remote/Bluetooth/Serial UART) for interfacing with PCs, Smart Phones, and other devices.

  • Built-in functionality to allow measurement of motor speed.  This is something no other digital controller on the market does.

  • User programmable firmware, which allows end-users to modify the core functionality to better suit their needs, or for use as a microcontroller programming teaching tool.