What’s New?

05/12/2022 — Check out our update SCK-300S kit now with speeds from 10 – 5,000 RPMs with Variable Acceleration. Video 

04/30/2022 — We have open source the control software for our Arduino Based Motor Interface Module (MiM) so now anyone can modify the control software to fit their needs.

04/04/2022 — Take a look at using the SCK-300P with a large substrate to get an idea of the needed modifications and limitations.  Video

1/08/2022 — If you need help on deciding whether to build your own Spin Coater, buy a commercial unit, or one of our SCK-300 kits, take a look at this Analysis we put together.

Our Business

At Instras, we take a task-oriented approach to reduce the cost and time it takes customers to get to proof of concept devices centered around thin-film technology.

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Our Products

We deliver solutions in the areas of low-cost Spin Coater kits (SCK-300), and soon Dip Coater kits as well.

SCK-300/SCK-300P/SCK-300S Spin Coater Kits

  • Low-Cost
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Digital Control
  • Various Speed Ranges
  • Simple/Modular Design

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Our Staff

Nathan Stevens, PhD., President of Instras Scientific
Vaidas Zakarka, Electrical Engineer
Prof. Diana Samaroo, PhD, Scientific Consultant
Prof. Naphtali O’Connor, PhD. Scientific Consultant

Instras Scientific LLC info@instras.com

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