This page outlines building an Arduino based digital controller for the SCK-200/SCK-200P kits with close-loop control.  Such a controller is useful for anyone looking for a more advance way to control the SCK-200 units, or want to build their own Spin Coater kit using R/C ESC/motors.  These instructions assume a familiarity with electronics and the Arduino platform.

Components Needed

1. Arduino Uno
2. Adafruit 1.8 TFT Joystick Shield 
3. 2 x Servo Extension Cables

Assemble Steps
1. Solder the 2 servo extension cable to the TFT shield.  One of them will be solder to the ground (black wire) and Pin 6 (white wire). This is used to connect the ESC.  The other is connected to ground(black wire), 3.3v Pin (red wire), and Pin D2 (white wire). The RPM sensor connects to this one.

2. Mount the shield on the Arduino Uno.

3. Connect the Arduino to computer and load the Sample Sketch.