Spin Coater Kit Rental Program

Even given the low-cost nature of our Spin Coater kits, a purchase may still not make economic sense, if the goal is just to validate the spin coating process on a new system.  To this end, we now starting a  Two Week Rental Program (US based institutions only) for a few SCK-300 demo units.  These units are fully functional, and ship with everything needed to get started immediately. 

The program works as follows:
  1. A PayPal invoice for ($100 + $40) shipping (FedEx) and handling is emailed to you.
  2. Once payment is processed, we ship the SCK-300 demo kit to you.  A return shipping label is also included in shipment.
  3. Upon receiving the unit, unpack and use it for up to Two Weeks.  Make sure to save the shipping box and packing material to return the unit.
  4. At the end of two weeks, properly clean and re-pack the SCK-300 unit, along with any accessories back in shipping box.
  5. Ship unit back using supplied FedEx label.

Contact sales@instras.com to get process started or for more information.