Spin Coating Theory

Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films to flat substrates. Usually a small amount of coating material is applied on the center of the substrate, which is either spinning at low speed or not spinning at all. The substrate is then rotated at high speed in order to spread the coating material by centrifugal force. A machine used for spin coating is called a spin coater, or simply spinner. Rotation is continued while the fluid spins off the edges of the substrate, until the desired thickness of the film is achieved.  From Wikipedia, and Columbia University.


SCK-200P + Vacuum Chuck

Improves on the SCK-200 design by incorporating an innovative/cost effective vacuum chuck design (patent pending), improving the speed resolution (+/- 20 vs. +/- 200 rpms), and has a wider speed range (500 to 9,000 rpms). Like the SCK-200, it comes with everything needed for R&D spin coating work of small substrates.  A suitable Vacuum System needs to be provided by user. View this video to see it in action. User Manual (pdf) / Vacuum System Setup Instructions (pdf) 

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The SCK-200 Spin Coater Kit is a fully assembled, modular, “Home Built” spin coater that improves on the SCK-100 design by incorporating a versatile Digital Controller. Like the SCK-100, it comes with everything needed for R&D spin coating work of small substrates and has a speed range from 500 – 6,000 rpms. User Manual (pdf).


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In Development – The SCK-DIY is not an assembled unit, but rather instructions for anyone who wants to build their own “Home Built” spin coater.  It based largely on work done developing a versatile, high precision, Raspberry Pi controlled spin coater.  In the end, it was not cost effective to go into production with this unit, so we figured why not provide plans, along with control software, for a simplified version to the community to hack on.  Checkout the instructions at this Blog.  Please note that instructions are provided as is, and we offer No Help With Assembly.  

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